Less than 2 months before we leave our 'home' and head up north.  This week I have had a series of mini panic attacks and personal melt downs.  Our movers come in less than 3 weeks to pack up our life.  We are planning on having to be in temporary lodging for a month or two.. maybe more. Denver's rental market is insane and houses are rented (and sold) before they even get listed.  We also found out today that it will be April or longer for us to receive a home on our new base.  Let me tell you.. trying to think of things to pack for us to take personally up there is stressing me out.  I want the girls to have as many of their things as possible while we are hanging out in temporary lodging.  This week I told myself I was going to make the best out of our last weeks here.  Today I invited my Aunt to go to the zoo with me and Aria.  We just let the crazy two year old run free and she had so much fun.  After the zoo we grabbed a quick lunch and then some frozen yogurt.  It definitely helped my stress level go down a little bit.  I am hoping to keep our weeks jam packed with activities and packing so I don't have time to be stressed (ha!).  It was so amazing to edit just for me.. So here is to my first real post here.   Enjoy the Zoo and Yogurt..