There are so many things I could put here... I am a Wife, Mother, Military Spouse, Dog Owner, Hiker, Photographer, International Exchange Student Host Mom, Seeker of Light and Real Life Images.. But really only a few of those things DEFINE who I am.  First of all I am a Mother to two (Three until May) AMAZINGLY WONDERFUL little girls.  They are my light, and my happiest of happy places.  Don't get me wrong there are times when I lock myself in the bathroom and play candy crush for 10 minutes just for the silence...

I am a Photographer- or rather I am the keeper of memories. My goal as a photographer is to document memories for people while they are still in the making.  I am a seeker of light, love and real life images.  I can't capture memories if I spend my entire session directing and posing.  Instead I prefer to just be there, stand back and let my clients do what they do.  I follow my kids around and snap away during the day.  I don't clean my house before I start shooting do frequently my photos are messy and cluttered.  You will almost always see a HUGE pile of laundry somewhere in my photos... and they are always crumbs on the floor.  I hope someday my children will see all of these photos documenting their childhood and know how much I love them and how I never want to forget a single detail.  


I am going to do a personal family share now.. A collection of photos of my family