September was busy!  We started the month off without Luke, and were counting down the days until he was home again.  You can tell in this blog that we had a reoccurring theme in our summer this year.  WATER!! Seriously, water was involved whenever it was possible.  Pools, Splash pads, Sprinklers.. you name it we used it and it was such a blast!  Sorry for the huge share this month.  We also snuck in another trip to Disneyland but that will be a blog on it's own.  

At the beginning of the month we has a BBQ at my step-sisters house.  The girls loved playing and swimming with their cousins.  The next day we went to my aunt and uncles house and swam there.  A few day's later, Lilian's sister Charlotte came over for a visit and we played in the splash pad. So much water!!  It seemed like it rained all the time.. I played with some long exposures and got some "ghost" Arias.  I also found out that I love taking photos of Aria's little tiny feet...   All in all it was a good month.  Unfortunately I didn't bring my camera with me when we picked Luke up from the airport, it was a bit anticlimactic anyway.  But they sure were glad to have him home.  Aria didn't leave his side for days.  So here are my images, enough with my rambling.. :)