Like I said, September was a really busy month. We had this crazy idea that we would go to Disneyland THREE days after Luke got home from his month long trip. We all had 1 day left on our 3 day tickets so we decided not to waste them!   We sent Lilian to school on Monday morning, packed up the car and picked her up from school.  Then we just left.  We told her not to ask questions about where we were going or how long it was going to take.  About 3 hours into our trip the girls were hungry and our food choices were limited so we stopped at McDonalds and prayed no ones stomach would get upset on the way (no issues thankfully).  We somehow convinced Lilian that McDonalds was her special treat.. and oddly enough she was totally ok with that.. shows you how frequently she gets McDonalds... haha.  She did ask why we had to drive for 3 hours just to go to McDonalds because we have one less than a mile from our house, we just told her this one tasted better.  We hopped back in the car and continued West.  We arrived in Anaheim around 10:30pm, we told her we got lost and had to stop at a hotel cause we were tired.  In the morning we all got up, got dressed and went for a walk.  She did notice that all the buses said 'Disneyland' but it didn't even phase her.  We walk in the entrance and were walking to the gate where they check bags/strollers and we had her read a sign.. her response.. "This does NOT look like Disneyland..."  It wasn't the the super excited reaction we were hoping for but when she got to the main gate she really got excited. 

We spent our day doing whatever she wanted, we utilized fast passes and stroller passes (this is super awesome for those with little ones that can't ride the rides and a parent has to stay behind!! When you go on a ride ask for a stroller pass and they let you return at another time with up to 3 people and use the fast pass lane. Lilian got to ride all of the big rides twice, once with me and once with Luke).  We had a mid-morning Character Breakfast with Minnie and Friends (SUPER AMAZING)  The food was great, and it was a buffet so we ate enough for breakfast and lunch.  Lilian declared the Matterhorn her favorite ride this time!  Last time it was a tie between Space Mountain and Splash Mountain.  It seems like she has a thing for Mountains.  Ultimately we had a blast, there was zero stress and it was a just overall an amazing day!  I also didn't strive to document our entire day like last time, I took roughly 200 shots on our entire trip. Most were with  characters too.