This was such a beautiful nontraditional maternity session.  It's a session I will be offering to all of my home birth clients in the future too.  It was definitely remarkable working so closely with such an amazing and inspiring group of women.  

Sarah was nearing her due date and had her sweet kiddos with her, they have attended her appointments before, they knew the drill.  C. knew where all the puzzles were and he took a seat and worked on them diligently while mama got her vitals and measurements taken. Little H. was super excited to be right in the middle of all the action.  Both little ones had the chance to hear their little brother using the Fetoscope. Mama and baby were both doing great.  After everything was checked we sat around and talked about her upcoming birth.  Amy, one of her midwives, was so amazing and patient.  She answered all of Sarah's questions and even talked about things Sarah hadn't even thought about.. like making sure everyone that attends her birth had a specific job.  I have never been to such a relaxed prenatal appointment ever, even mine at the birth center weren't this relaxed.  Sarah gave birth at home just couple weeks after this session to a healthy beautiful little boy.

I would love to work with you if you have your own idea's for an untraditional maternity session!


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