For a long time I struggled with photographing newborns..  In my head I always thought I had to have a studio, special lighting, props and provide these images of your baby perfectly posed.  I quickly learned that I didn't have the drive for that type of work but I wanted to be able to photograph newborns.  I figured why would I have to go about photographing newborns any differently than I would any other subject.  I am always so honored when families invite me into their homes just days after they've added a new baby.  I absolutely adore spending an hour or two watching these families interact and love on their new one.  

The Westbrook family has let me photograph them several times over the past year and they recently welcomed me into their home when they brought baby Zane home.  Big sister Stella was home and loved on me for almost the entire two hours I was there.  Zane is absolutely precious and I hope I get to photograph him as he grows up!