Every year we try to head out to Apple Annies in Willcox Arizona at least once for the Peach Picking Festival.  It's always a lot of fun picking about 20lbs of peaches with the girls.  This year Aria was tall enough to reach some of the lower branches and she was able to get her own sweet peaches.  They encourage you to try the peaches while picking them, especially the soft ripe ones.  Their peaches never disappoint.  This year we froze about 15lbs of peaches and I made peach turnovers and a peach and blueberry cobbler.  

After we picked our peaches we headed down the road to their farm and hit up their veggie patches to get some fresh zucchini, squashes, peppers, egg plant and corn.  We left the farm with a beautiful rainbow of fresh food.  We always encourage our kids (and ourselves) to eat as close to nature as possible.  I have often been asked how I get my kids to eat fresh vegetables, the answer is simple, it's what we eat at home.  It's the food they know. We also help them along by encouraging them to pick their own food so they can see where their food comes from.  Don't get me wrong they eat their fair share of junk and processed foods too but somehow along the way, I believe we found a nice balance.