You might remember my GORGEOUS Maternity session from a few weeks ago.. Well Ireland decided to make her debut in the weeeee hours of August 11th, weighing a perfect 7lbs 2oz.  Mom had a pretty intense labor but worked through each and every contraction with the help of her amazing husband and wonderful Doula.  Ashlee worked so hard during her labor, probably walked a mile back and forth at the birth center.  She moved into and out of the birth tub before settling into the bed.  Lynn her doula ( was with her every second.  When Ashlee was doubting she could do it, Lynn was there to give her positive affirmations, rub her back and hold her when she needed it.  In the end Ashlee had the birth she imagined and had an amazingly supportive birth team,  I can't wait to share her entire birth story with the world!  For now enjoy this preview.  <3