Haylea is a fellow photographer here in Tucson and I was so honored when she asked me to be part of their homecoming.  When we first connected a few months ago I knew we would become friends.  Haylea is so wonderful and up lifting.  Her husband Ryan had been gone since the beginning of the year and I had yet to meet him.  Our evening started off a little bit crazy, we decided to head out about 30 minutes early to sneak in a mommy and me session of her and her beautiful son at sunset but she called me because she locked her keys in her car!  I was luckily by her friends house that had her spare and I was able to get it to her in time.  By the time we made it to my open desert the sun was nearly gone but we had about 5 minutes of light left.  It was totally worth it.  I am glad we decided to head out early because if we hadn't we may have missed Ryan's flight!  We got to the airport with about 30 minutes to spare and we had some fun playing around before Ryan arrived.  That night there were several service members coming home, it was a really wonderful night.  I am so glad this little family is reunited again and I hope they have quite sometime before they are separated once more.