This is actually the first of two maternity sessions with this amazing woman!  Her husband was out of town for her first session and her second session will be just them without their adorable son!  I can't lie, I was extremely nervous to photograph Jonea..  this girl is literally famous. She was photographed by the AMAZING Jade Beall for The Beautiful Body Project and several of her images have gone viral.  it did take me a while to get over my nervousness and when I finally got comfortable we hit an amazing groove and created some because art together.  I am SO HONORED she asked me to photograph her!  

I have finally decided I am just obsessed with anything about birth and mothering/nurturing.  I love being able to photograph these amazing women who are caring for and nurturing their children.  Now we wait Jonea and Josh's beautiful little girl to grace us with her presence, I can't wait to share their images from their next maternity session with the world!