I am honored to finally share the birth of Theodore B.  His birth story is actually one of my favorites because literally the day before he was born, his mama and I were joking around about me being able to attend.  Cierra never officially 'booked' me for her birth, it was more of a "if I can be there, I'll be there"  type situation.  Well Cierra messaged me the NEXT day saying she was heading to the birth center because she wasn't sure if she was in true labor or not.  I was on standby and I got a text not even 2 hours later saying to head on down.  Little did we all know.. Theo would be born shortly after the text.  I arrived right as he was crowning and was able to spend a few hours with them documenting his first few hours earth side. 

I am booking a small amount of births this year here in Denver and I have a few spots still available.  If you're interested in booking your birth story please email me.