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Mabel | Birth Story in Denver Colorado

One thing you learn about birth photography is births are 100% unpredictable.  I often get asked the question- "What happens if you miss my birth?" Well there isn't a one size fits all answer here. The most common answer I give is,  I will get there as fast as humanly possible and start documenting right when I walk in the door.  There is so much more to your baby's birth story than their actual birth and there are so many moments right after the baby is born that often get overlooked. I have never missed a birth because of reasons I could control, I have missed 2 births total and both times those babies didn't want to wait for anyone, let alone their photographer to show up. 

Mabel was born 5 minutes before I walked in the room and just minutes after her parents arrived at Baby & Co, she really didn't want to wait for anyone.  I normally write out my version of a baby's birth story but Kathryn has already written hers out, you can read it here.  

By the time I arrived, mom had already moved from her birthing tub and to the bed. Their midwife was going a quick check up on mabel and reminding mama to eat and replenish fluids. 

Dad also surprised Mom with a beautiful ring as her "push present"  she now has a series of beautiful unique bands signifying her family. 

A few hours after birth Mabel was born, Mom had her CranioSacral Therapist show up to do some gentle adjustments on her and Mabel. 

One thing I absolutely love about working with midwives is they usually do the baby's first check up on the foot of the bed or right next to mom and dad.  I love this approach because you can see how calm everyone is.

Mom was off taking a bath and relaxing in the tub, so Dad got some special 1 on 1 time with sweet mabel.  Skin to skin with dad benefits both Dad and baby!

After the sun came up, sweet big sister came to meet her new baby.  To say she was smitten with her would definitely be an understatement.

You can watch Mabel's birth story - including footage from before I arrived below!


Birth of Benjamin in Aurora Colorado


Birth of Benjamin in Aurora Colorado

Back in May I had my first Colorado birth.  It was a cold rainy day and I was so glad I still had my big jacket still in my van.  This birth story is for some new friends I made right when we moved here, it had been months since I was able to document a birth story and it was so wonderful be allowed into her birthing space.  

Mama had such a beautiful birth at University of Colorado Hospital with the midwives from the Center for Midwifery.  It was such a dream working with this birth team.  They were so patient and compassionate with this family.  This was probably the most beautiful hospital birth I had ever attended.  

I am so excited to be booking births in the Denver Metro Area for the remainder of 2016 and the beginning of 2017.