The JM Film Collection has been in the works for the better half of 2016 and the start of 2017.  I am so proud to finally be releasing these.  These presets are my vision for my photography.  I really hope you love them.  If you do love them, send over one of your images, I would LOVE to feature you on my Facebook!!!


The JM Film Collection is a set of 12 film presets.  All have been designed to be be one click edits, however you might need to tweak them to fit your personal style


JM 01 BW- A True Black and White with a little bit of grain

JM02 BW- A True Black and White with a pop of contrast and Matte

JM 03 BW- A True Black and White with extra grain and a pop of contrast

JM 04 BW-  A moody Black and White

JM 05 BW- A moody Black and White with lots of grain0 similar to a high ISO BW

JM100: Similar to a 100 Film

JM100+: Similar to a pushed 100 Film- extra grain and a pop of contrast

JM100 MUTED: Perfect for outdoor full sun images

JM200: Similar to a 200 Film

JM200++: A pushed 200 film with extra contrast and highlights

JM400:  A 400 film with matted whites

JM400++: Similar to the 400 with extra grain and contrast


What people are saying about the JM Film Collection:

Bold and photo-journalistic, exactly what I was searching for.- Chelsea Cronkite


I just LOVE these presets! So easy and customizable. I tend to shoot underexposed and these hit the perfect moody look I want- Tiffany Magnuson

These are the best film presets I've seen on the market. They have that perfect film look I've been looking for. - Katie Lewis

I think Jessica Mielke created these presets just for me!! No but seriously, my style and her presets are like a match made in heaven. 😍😍One click, no other adjustments made. These are gooood, you guys.-  Chelsea Furlong

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