Hello! Please fill out this questionnaire at least 48 hours before our scheduled Morning in the Life session. This will help me determine my shooting times and get to know your family a little before I arrive!



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Address of our shooting location
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Phone Number
Including animals- they are family too!
This mainly pertains to sprinklers and pools.

Thank you so much!

For sessions that last between 1-5 hours, I recommend having 2 activities planned to help reduce screen time while I am there. Here are some recommendations that have helped with previous clients:

Making Breakfast

Morning Baths

Dress up

Board Games or Family games like Twister

Walking to the park

Washing the car

Play Doh

Painting/Messy Art Projects


Dance Party


Decorating for a holiday

Tree decorating/Pumpkin Carving/Easter Egg Dying.

A trip to the farmers market

Thank you!