JM Storyteller Collection- LIGHTROOM


JM Storyteller Collection- LIGHTROOM

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The Collection has 5 different packs (4 for ACR)

Each pack has 6 presets (10 for brushes)

Basic Toning Pack- 6 different basic, clean edits. They are amazing as stand alone edits for the minimalist editor 

or as a starting point for further editing.

Light Pack-  You guessed it!  They are presets created with specific lighting in mind!

Black & White Pack- 6 New True Black and White edits!  Deep blacks, bright whites!

Drama Pack-  6 Brand new edits that pack a POP when you use them.  These edits aren't for everyone but if you're not 

afraid of a little drama in your life then this is the pack for you!

Note: Be sure to tweak the exposure to suit your image as I didn’t adjust this in these presets to make them more suitable for everyone, I also didn't adjust the white balance so you may need to adjust that for your personal style. 


Due to the nature of this digital product, all purchases are final and will not be refunded for any reason.  Presets purchased are yours and yours alone. They are not to be shared with anyone or sold as your own.