The JM Storyteller Collection

The Storyteller Collection was created with the Documentary Photographer in mind.

This Collection is unlike any other collection I have seen.  

Have you ever purchased a preset collection for ONE or TWO presets? It totally feels like a waste doesn't it?

What's different about this collection? You can purchase the individual packs without having to purchase the entire collection!


The Collection has 5 different packs (4 for ACR)

Each pack has 6 presets (10 for brushes)

Basic Toning Pack- 6 different basic, clean edits. They are amazing as stand alone edits for the minimalist editor 

or as a starting point for further editing.

Light Pack-  You guessed it!  They are presets created with specific lighting in mind!

Black & White Pack- 6 New True Black and White edits!  Deep blacks, bright whites!

Drama Pack-  6 Brand new edits that pack a POP when you use them.  These edits aren't for everyone but if you're not 

afraid of a little drama in your life then this is the pack for you!


What people are saying about the Storyteller Collection:


Backlight...seems to work no matter what light there is!  

Its like the Frank's Red Hot Sauce of presets! I use that s&*^! on everything!- Jessica Hachey


as soon as I got this collection I celebrated by opening a beer because I knew my editing would take quicker than me getting drunk (ha)-  Kelly Haymes

Purchase them RIGHT HERE!!